1. Seek approval to the Manila Multipurpose Terminal management prior entry. Unauthorized entry shall not be entertained.
  2. Wear the basic and required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Hard hat, safety shoes, high visibility vest/uniform, and long pants.
  3. Observe proper waste disposal and segregation.
  4. Smoking is only allowed within the designated smoking stations. Throw the cigarette butts in the provided bins.
  5. Possession, bringing, selling, and using alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, deadly weapons, and firearms are not allowed within the terminal and company premises. Persons under the influence of the substances are also barred from entering.
  6. Keep extra aware while inside the terminal. Using of phones, earphones and/or headsets while on operational area is strictly prohibited.
  7. Persons 18 years old and below will not be allowed to enter the terminal.
  8. For basic safety and basic comfort considerations, persons with disability are generally discouraged from entering the terminal.
  9. Read and follow the Safety and Warning signs inside the terminal.
  10. Keep safe distance from suspended loads, stockpiled cargoes and moving equipment/vehicles.
  11. Secure Safety Permit for jobs that include hot works, mechanical, electrical, excavation and similar activities.
  12. Immediately report any incident or accident to the HSSE department.
  1. Vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas only.
  2. Do not drive any vehicle or equipment unless trained and authorized to do so.
  3. Entering trucks must have a helper to assist their movements.
  4. Use of mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited.
  5. Observe the 20kph maximum speed limit while inside the terminal.
  6. Always bring a copy of the valid OR/CR of the vehicle in use.
  7. Always bring a valid driver's license.
  8. Take caution when passing or driving on intersections; use your headlights and blow your horn as necessary.
  9. Keep your headlights on when driving inside the terminal, especially during at night.
  10. Give way to pedestrians and always follow the road signs.
  1. Secure all necessary permits and comply with the entry requirements prior to deployment.
  2. Provide additional PPEs to your personnel as needed.
  3. Secure Safety Permit from HSE office.
  4. All personnel must complete the Safety Induction prior to deployment and entry.
  5. Install safety and warning signage in the work area.
  6. Observe proper housekeeping of tools and materials after each shift.
  7. Use 3-point contact when climbing the stairs or equipment.
  8. Use the correct tools for the job and inspect them prior to use.
  9. Make sure all personnel are competent and trained for the task.
  10. Stay in your designated workstations - refrain from loitering around the terminal.
  11. Familiarize yourself with the emergency numbers and evacuation plan inside the terminal.
  12. Provide a Safety Officer for contractors of project activities.

Manila Multipurpose Terminal:

Manila Multipurpose Terminal Trunk line


(02) 8516-7888

Dial 0


Local 117     

HSE Department

Local 204 or 117

Security Department

Local 176

Operations Command Center

Local 147


Local 149

Manila Harbour Pilots' Office

Local 138